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Absolute conviction and unfaltering partnership

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We back some of Europe and Israel's best SaaS companies. Specialised, select companies led by exceptional people building category-leading products that matter.

We invest when companies have reached Product-Market Fit, and we furnish the global networks, advice and expertise to help you build a global category-leading company. We'll never tell you how to run your company. Instead we will put our extended networks of expertise accumulated over more than 20 years in SaaS at your service.

Recent News

Our Companies


Apica delivers observability to solve complex digital performance challenges


Crunchr helps large enterprises make data-driven HR decisions


Goodlord are transforming the housing market in their mission to create the best rental experience in the world


Lightico is an award-winning SaaS platform for customer interactions that digitally transforms millions of connections between businesses and their customers


Zift gives customers a single source of truth to align channel marketing, sales and operations

Black Swan Data

Black Swan Data uses AI to unlock the power of social data and accurately predict future consumer trends


CyberSmart provides simple, affordable cybersecurity for small businesses. is an Open Source API platform that gives businesses unprecedented control and visibility over their entire API ecosystem


Peak helps businesses use AI to drive commercial growth with decision intelligence


Codility helps enterprises hire the best developers, anywhere


Funnel gives data-driven businesses total control over their marketing data


Latana helps brands make data-driven marketing decisions


SOCRadar is a pioneering cybersecurity startup committed to delivering advanced threat intelligence solutions that enable organizations to proactively defend against cyber threats.

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