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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dirk Jonker

Crunchr helps large enterprises make data-driven HR decisions

Most CHROs today would struggle to assess which talent acquisition channel is bringing in better performing employees, or to quantify the potential impact of a 10% pay raise on employee retention. HR is lagging behind other business functions in data driven decision making, and Crunchr is fixing that for the enterprise sector. Using Crunchr, large enterprises get a clear picture of what's really happening in their workforce and organisation.

Crunchr’s platform has been adopted by companies around the world, including MetLife (100,000 employees), AkzoNobel (32,000 employees), Rabobank (41,000 employees), Randstad (38,000 employees) and many more. The people analytics platform works on top of existing HR systems, collecting workforce data into one secure, integrated platform, improving its quality, and making it accessible. This enables HR leaders and teams to produce strategically meaningful people strategies, and to greatly improve decision making and workforce planning.

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