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The Oxx factor propels your company's growth

Our singular mission is to furnish the support, expertise and network to help you scale your SaaS company.

Here's what you can expect from us to go all the way together.

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Unashamed SaaS geekery

Oxx lived and breathed B2B SaaS before the bandwagon arrived. It’s likely we already know your market, category and what kind of models might best support your growth. We look for specialised, select companies, ones where success comes from going deep. Then we match your passion and determination to build a stand-out company on the global stage.

Some call us B2B SaaS geeks and we take that as a compliment. With Oxx's experienced, capable venture capital team by your side, you have the power to build a global category-leader.

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Product advantage plus
Go-To-Market Fit is unstoppable

That’s why we care about your product value proposition and your tech even more than we do about financial traction. (There, we said it!) Of course, we love market success. But if you have a proven product together with an exciting vision and sustainable differentiation, you have the critical fuel for success.

We weld our Go-To-Market Fit expertise with your Product-Market Fit to help you create a business that can lead a category at global scale. Check if you are ready for the next stage with our GTMF toolkit.

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Scaling takes bespoke support

We’ll never tell you how to run your company. And we’re allergic to generic cookie-cutter investment approaches. Instead of shortcuts or a catch-all model, we tailor our partnership to your exact situation and needs. Always underpinned with fairness, transparency and openness.


Our job is to put an extended, global network of expertise accumulated over more than 20 years at your service.

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We win on culture; just ask the founders we’ve backed

Adding an investor into your journey is a big, sweaty-palms moment, so culture fit and shared skin-in-the-game are critical. Our job is to bring our unique expertise to bear to make you successful on a global stage.


Our approach to investment is highly selective and that means that we support every one of our companies with absolute conviction throughout the whole journey. It really works; just ask the founders who’ve already chosen us.

Ready to shape the future?

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