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Lightico announces acquisition of Vizolution

We are very happy to share that one of our portfolio companies, Lightico, has made a significant move this week toward solidifying their position as the global leader in digital completion services.

Lightico is a SaaS platform that empowers businesses to accelerate their customer journeys through automated workflows. While many companies have focused on automating and streamlining the earlier parts of the customer journey, the awareness and consideration phases, Lightico solves the highly complex final part of the journey. The company provides a “Digital Completion Platform” – a real-time platform for businesses which enables their customers to complete complex digital transactions rapidly, seamlessly and securely on their smartphones.

Examples of how Lightico collects and simplifies all aspects of the completion journey in one simple flow.

Lightico’s services are extremely relevant in regulated industries with high complexity, and the company is particularly strong in the financial services and telecom sectors, helping companies make their customer journeys more efficient, compliant and streamlined.

Oxx saw huge potential in Lightico and invested in the company in 2020. Since then, we have worked closely with the company’s CEO Zviki Ben-Ishay and team in charting the company’s road forward. Richard Anton, Oxx co-founder and General Partner, has been involved from the beginning, supported by Phil Edmondson-Jones, Partner. Beyond providing strategic and operational advice, we have introduced them to new customers and strategic partners. We have also been intimately involved in Lightico’s acquisition of Vizolution, which is announced today, from the very beginning of the process.

The Lightico-Vizolution combination secures the new company’s position as the market leader in the digital completion space. Vizolution is Europe’s leading customer journey experience technology provider, and incorporating their technology will enable Lightico to offer clients a unified solution to deliver an end-to-end, seamless, digital and complete solution for the entire customer lifecycle.

We are extremely excited about the company’s trajectory and future plans, and will support Lightico as it continues its expansion and across geographies.

“As a UK-based partner and backer of Lightico, we’re excited about this move which significantly bolsters the company’s strength and ability to grow in the UK/EMEA market," says Richard Anton, Co-Founder and General Partner, Oxx. "Vizolution has proven success with some of the biggest financial names in the region as well as a strong team that together with Lightico’s team will ensure best-in-class digital customer experiences across multiple key verticals.”

You can read more about Lightico on their website, and about the acquisition here.

Pictured below, Oxx's Richard Anton and Zviki Ben-Ishay, CEO of Lightico.


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