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Oxx Invests in Brand Tracking and Consumer Insights Platform, Latana

Why we invested in Latana - written by Archit Rathi, investor at Oxx

We’re excited to announce that Oxx has led a €36m Series B investment in Latana, the AI-powered brand tracking platform for fast-growing and mid-sized brands! We are proud to partner with Nico Jaspers, Angeley Mullins, Joe Corcoran, Sugandh Sameer, and the fantastic team they have assembled, alongside our friends at Balderton Capital, Kreos, Wellington Partners, & IBB.

Brand marketing spend forms a substantial part of overall marketing budgets. It varies company to company, by industry and stage, but can be as large as 60% of your overall marketing budgets, and measuring ROI of that spend isn’t straightforward. Social media teams look at followers and engagement rates, email marketers look at open and click-through rates, performance marketers use impressions, CPC, CPA, etc., but brand marketers still largely have to make campaign decisions based on ‘gut feeling’, rather than data.

Large brands can, to some extent, rely on market research agencies like Kantar, Ipsos, YouGov, etc. to understand return on brand spend, but with significant drawbacks in terms of cost, speed and accuracy. This research agency approach is not an option for mid-sized brands who also need to understand and track how consumers see them – in an easy-to-use, affordable and data-driven manner.

Enter Latana

Latana is a next generation brand analytics platform that helps fast growing and mid-sized brands quantify and track the impact of their brand marketing spend. Using existing mobile ad-tech infrastructure and industry-first data science techniques, Latana samples brand marketing impact globally on a near-continuous basis.

The core USPs are:

  • Broad Data Reach & Mobile Survey Data Collection: Automated ‘non-incentivised’ data collection from global consumers (even within niche audience segments across 100+ countries)

  • Data Accuracy & Reliability: Multilevel regression and post stratification to construct statistically significant findings from large sets of partial results

  • Fully Customisable UI of the insights and tracking over time which allows marketing and brand leaders to easily understand the data and apply it to their brand and company strategies

With its advanced survey technology, and intuitive data-driven dashboard, Latana provides brand and growth marketers with numbers, and a clear view of campaign success. And that is the company’s mission - to answer the 'ultimate question' for brands: “how does our target audience perceive us? How does our target audience perceive our competitor’s brand? what’s resonating? what’s not?” – all in an easy to use, affordable and data-driven manner. For example: an e-scooter brand like Tier might want to know “Do people in Stockholm see us as sustainable?”, or a would want to know “How can we best communicate that we are better than Trello?”

Bringing in a huge technology step-up against existing panel - based / captive - audience or offline survey data collection competitors, Latana’s customers now include many familiar frontier tech company logos such as Bitpanda, Udemy, and Epic Games.

We could not be more excited to join and support Latana’s journey! Learn more about Latana and make your brand marketing spend data-driven here. And if you’re looking to help build, do consider joining them full-time - the Latana team is hiring!


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