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Podcast: You've found PMF, now what?

Product-market fit. You found it, and now you’ve made it… to the scaling journey. Your investors sent you the SaaS metric benchmark reports, you have memorized the “good” numbers, and you have built a financial plan for strong growth. But what do you actually do next?

Ingrid Bonde Åkerlind sat down for a chat with Daniel Nackovski and Thomas Sjöberg from SaaSiest to discuss:

  1. The difference between PMF and Go-to-Market Fit (GTMF)

  2. Which metrics that matter at this point and why

  3. The key decisions you make regarding organization- and team structure at this phase

  4. What GTM-experiments are and how you can leverage them

  5. The signs that your SaaS business has truly achieved Go-To-Market fit

Tune in to the podcast below, or find it wherever you listen to your podcasts.


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