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Creating a Go To Market strategy: Funnel's sustainable growth engine

Funnel co-founder and CEO Fredrik Skantze and Oxx are invited by Vendep to open their 'SaaS Camp' series with a session around Go To Market. Fredrik lays down the building blocks of developing a Go To Market model for an early stage SaaS company that will last the distance and help you continue growing to $10m ARR and beyond, in a session hosted by Oxx's Bob Thomas and Vendep's Timo Felin.


3:04 Intro into Funnel

4:55 What to expect in building a SaaS company

13:37 Finding the right growth model

16:10 Growth strategies

21:49 When to use partnerships

23:35 Funnel's early stage growth model selection

27:00 Building a sales machine (inbound example)

31:30 On sales metrics

38:00 Scaling (and diversifying)

39:48 Summary


42:18 The tension between focusing on a growth model and trying out a few different models?

45:23 Changing buyer personas and buyer journey?

47:20 Lead scoring as the business matures?

49:56 Building the business in "the new normal"

52:39 First scaling out from the home market

54:13 Sales compensation and targets

Session recorded in January 2021


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