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Mikael Johnsson

Funnel, Apica, Gravitee, Latana
Oxx Team
Stockholm, Sweden

Mikael is co-founder of Oxx alongside Richard. Mikael is a venture veteran and has mentored more than 100 B2B tech companies over his 24 years in venture investing. Mikael has deep expertise in scaling B2B SaaS companies, helping them nail their Go-To-Market Fit, rapidly accelerate growth, internationalise and become a category leader on the global stage.

Mikael also built Oxx’s strategy around Go-To-Market Fit, developing a structure for thinking about how to build a repeatable, sustainable growth engine that accelerates and propels SaaS growth.

Before co-founding Oxx alongside Richard, Mikael was a Venture Partner at Amadeus Capital investing in growth stage software businesses, particularly in the Nordics. Richard and Mikael worked closely together for four years before spinning out to found Oxx as a specialist venture capital firm backing scale-up stage B2B SaaS companies from Europe and Israel. Mikael and Richard founded Oxx out of a shared passion to back the next generation of SaaS leaders with a support system of unique specialist expertise and network, and a culture of unfaltering partnership and absolute conviction.

Prior to this Mikael spent 12 years with Investor Growth Capital investing in Nordic B2B tech companies.

Mikael holds an MSc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping Institute of Technology.

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