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Gökçe Ceylan

Black Swan Data, Crunchr
Oxx Team
London, UK

Gökçe joined Oxx in 2021 and is a Principal based in London. With her background in seed and growth stage investing, corporate venture, as well as on the other side of the table in an early stage startup, she brings to the team a wealth of investment expertise, first-hand operator experience and a deep understanding of B2B software. Gökçe is a SaaS enthusiast with a particular interest in the Future of Work.

Prior to joining Oxx, Gökçe has held various roles in four different countries. Most recently, she led a portfolio of software products at Deloitte Ventures, cultivating a unique perspective on how to take B2B products to market, especially in the enterprise segment. She worked as Chief of Staff at a multinational industrial group company, overseeing the pilot, launch and scale phases of last-mile delivery, mobility, and marketplace ventures.

She started her career in a venture capital fund investing in Turkish seed-stage B2B tech companies with international growth potential, and mentored many entrepreneurs particularly in their pricing and Go To Market strategy.

Gökçe holds a B.S.E. in Operations Research and Financial Engineering from Princeton University.

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