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Webinar: 2nd July, 16:00 BST | Term sheets in the age of COVID-19

What do funding terms look like in the current market?

Join Ylan Steiner, Partner at Orrick and Mikael Johnsson, General Partner at Oxx, in a live webinar pulling back the curtain on the hallmarks of a term sheet today - and what entrepreneurs can do to protect themselves.

“I’ve seen more bad investor behaviour in the last 10 days than I have in the previous eight years.”

-- Matt Clifford, co-founder of Entrepreneur First (Sifted, March 2020)

Fundraising is like navigating a minefield for entrepreneurs today. Term sheets look very different than they did just six months ago. The market has changed for everyone, and companies and investors need to find a way to bridge the present uncertainty. Should entrepreneurs avoid fundraising altogether, if they can? And if you have to raise money, what should you really watch out for in your term sheet?

Questions include:

  • Are deals getting done at all? What's the dropout rate for term sheets that don't complete?

  • What are the major deal terms that are changing because of the current market situation? What’s the most aggressive terms you’ve seen proposed by an investor trying to take advantage of the current situation?

  • How have valuations been impacted? Are superstar companies with tailwinds still raising on ‘pre-COVID’ terms? 

Wondering if your investor has offered you unusual terms? Submit your own question during registration or using the live Q&A feature in the chat to get Ylan and Mikael’s input on your challenge.

Webinar and Q&A

Thursday, 2nd July at 16:00 BST / 17:00 CET

Click here to sign up to the Zoom webinar.

Ask a question

Submit your question in advance when registering for the webinar, or ask questions during the webinar by typing them in to the chat box.


Ylan is a Partner at Orrick. Ylan is recognised as a leading advisor across private equity investing, specialising in venture and growth capital financings and related exits, including portfolio/ secondary disposals. Following an earlier career as a computer software programmer, Ylan has a passion for the technology industry and advises financial investors and growth companies in a number of other sectors.

Mikael is co-founder and General Partner at Oxx. Previously, Mikael was a Venture Partner at Amadeus Capital, investing in growth stage software businesses. In parallel he also ran a private investment company, Top Gear Advisory and Investment, which he founded in 2011 to focus on earlier stage software investments. Prior to founding Top Gear Advisory and Investment, Mikael spent 11 years with Investor Growth Capital investing in Nordic B2B tech companies.


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