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Navigating the Jungle of SaaS Abbreviations and Terms with Oxx's SaaS Glossary

Whiteboard at a SaaS company, filled with common abbreviations used.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) industry can often feel like a dense jungle of abbreviations and terminology. For anyone wishing to succeed in this space, understanding key general terms and concepts becomes essential. While it is very common for companies to develop their own internal language, complete with abbreviations, acronyms, or even unique words, there are many concepts that are general across the board. To make navigating this space a bit easier, we have assembled some of the key concepts, terms, and acronyms into a comprehensive SaaS glossary.

You can find the full glossary here. We recommend bookmarking it so that you can easily refer back to it whenever you encounter a confusing term. We also see it as a living document, continuously expanding and updating it. Since its initial release as part of the Go-to-Market Toolkit in 2022, we have added approximately 100% new terms to it!

Access the 2023 edition of the Go-to-Market Fit Toolkit here, available online and as a downloadable resource.


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