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TechRound's "2021's Top 23 Scale-ups" includes Codility, Funnel and Peak

Warm congratulations to Codility, Funnel and Peak for securing a spot in TechRound's list of 2021's Top Scale-ups! You can read the full list in TechRound here.

12. Funnel

Founder(s): Fredrik Skantze & Per Made

Funnel has created a far better way to work with marketing data. In 2019 digital marketing surpassed offline marketing for the first time. Companies are shifting their marketing budgets online because of the performance promise of digital marketing, but delivering on that promise is hard. It requires a strong reporting infrastructure, which is difficult to achieve because of the overwhelming number of ever-changing marketing platforms and the need to harmonise and integrate the data from each platform. Just in the last two years, the number of data sources used by marketing organisations has increased by 50% and there are no signs of this slowing down.

Business users are traditionally dependent on separate technical teams for setup and support of a measurement infrastructure and existing solutions tend to either be inflexible and break when marketing requirements change, or monolithic and not well suited to plug into the existing data and reporting infrastructure of the organisation.

13. Codility

Founder(s): Greg Jakacki Website:

Codility is a platform that enables companies to build better engineering teams. The current hiring ecosystem requires companies to curate relevant candidate experiences which mimic a day in the life of an engineer. This can be challenging for companies that rely on contingency recruitment because there’s no safeguard to reduce risk and ensure high-quality hires.

14. Peak

Founder(s): Richard Potter, Atul Sharma, David Leitch

Peak’s software enables companies across sectors including retail, consumer goods and manufacturing to embed AI into the core of their decision making and operations. This commercial application of AI to optimise business performance is something Peak calls Decision Intelligence.

Peak’s Decision Intelligence software allows a broader range of companies to access these supercharged technologies that were previously only accessible to a select few, such as tech giants Google, Amazon and Netflix. With Peak, businesses of all sizes are empowered to make great decisions with the help of AI across their sales, marketing, demand management, and supply chains.


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