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Oxx promotes Bob Thomas and Phil Edmondson-Jones to Partners, and Ingrid Bonde Åkerlind to Principal

We are thrilled and immensely proud to announce the promotion of Bob Thomas and Phil Edmondson-Jones to Partners and Ingrid Bonde Åkerlind to Principal as of 1 January 2023.

In addition to identifying and securing investments in several of our portfolio companies, Phil, Bob and Ingrid have consistently provided deep expertise and industry knowledge in interacting with our portfolio companies and external stakeholders, building strong relationships, and establishing themselves as trusted advisors to founders and management teams.

“Perhaps more important than anything else, Bob, Phil and Ingrid have all shown their commitment to building a firm deeply anchored in a set of core values that transcend every part of our operation and every single interaction we have with people both outside and within our organisation“ comments Mikael Johnsson, Co-Founder & General Partner

Bob Thomas joined Oxx in 2018, and as Oxx’s first hire in Stockholm, he has been integral in building out the firm's people-first philosophy and specialist SaaS investment focus.

Bob has a background in tech M&A banking and management consulting, as well as previously serving as CFO at a SaaS company.

Ingrid Bonde Åkerlind joined Oxx in 2020 and brings a wealth of operational experience to the team.

Her extensive background in growth and marketing makes Ingrid an expert in SaaS Go-To-Market strategies, with a particular interest in Product- Led Growth. Last year, she took a leading role in developing Oxx’s Go-To-Market Fit playbook.

Phil Edmondson-Jones joined Oxx as a Principal in 2020 after spending 4 years at Beringea, a transatlantic venture and growth capital investor.

He has a deep understanding of what it takes to scale SaaS companies, and was instrumental in developing Oxx’s Go-To-Market Fit Toolkit. He’s applied his specialist SaaS expertise to back businesses in fintech/insurtech, vertical AI, martech and more.

“As the founding Partners of Oxx, it has been an absolute pleasure for myself and Mikael to see these individuals grow and take on increasing responsibilities within our organisation. Their dedication, hard work and expertise have played a key role in building Oxx to where we are today. We are proud to have such talented individuals on our team and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them in their new roles” says Richard Anton, Co-Founder & General Partner.

Congratulations to Bob, Phil, and Ingrid on their well-deserved promotions.


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