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Oxx leads $13m investment in Lightico

We're excited to announce that Oxx has led a $13m investment in Lightico, a hypergrowth Israeli SaaS company enabling end-to-end customer journeys!

We’re proud to support Lightico alongside Capital One Ventures and Harmony Partners, as well as existing investors lool Ventures, Mangrove Capital Partners, Crescendo Venture Partners and Spinach Angels.

Best-in-class remote customer service has never been more important - and Lightico is essential for providing it. The platform enables all the processes around customer transactions to be completed in a frictionless, user-friendly and completely digital way.

Oxx is delighted to back Zviki Ben-Ishay and his superb team on this exciting next stage of the journey.

Learn more about Lightico here.

Learn more about the fundraise here.

Learn more about why we invested here.


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