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Oxx co-leads $22m funding round in Codility

Written by Oxx's General Partner, Richard Anton

Today we’re excited to announce Oxx’s investment in Codility, co-leading a $22m Series A financing alongside Kennet Partners. We’re delighted to support Codility’s journey to become a category defining company that is revolutionising the future of work. It has been an honour for me to be a Codility board member since mid 2019 and I’m really pleased to welcome Hillel Zidel from Kennet to the board now too.

When Codility mentor (and now, chairman) and Oxx industry adviser Keith Wallington introduced us back in 2018, we quickly realised this team was building something special. Codility founder Greg Jakacki is a visionary; he has created a truly product-first company, bootstrapped to reach its current enviable position. We’ve also been deeply impressed with Codility CEO Natalia Panowicz, who manages a team of 150+ across London, Warsaw and San Francisco and has put in place a strong scaling culture. Oxx’s style as an investor is to roll our sleeves up and use our expert knowledge and network to support management teams in any way we can - and it is a privilege for us to partner with these exceptional leaders.

Codility helps world-leading enterprises like Microsoft and Tesla solve a huge problem: how to get smarter, faster, better and fairer in their hiring of technical teams. Getting the best engineering talent is make or break for any technology company. Codility’s assessment engine optimises the processes of screening and interviewing: matching candidate ability and potential to the needs of the role, crucially removing any subconscious bias around background and thereby increasing fairness and thus diversity, while getting the best possible candidate for the role. We're excited to join the Codility team as this partnership and financing supports the next stage of their exceptional growth!

Read more about the financing in TechCrunch.

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