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Codility CEO Natalia Panowicz and Oxx's Richard Anton at SaaStock Europe

The European chapters of the SaaStock community have united to create an event by the SaaS community, for the SaaS community to discuss how we re-think and re-strategize in the face of the pandemic. The City Leaders of the London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Vilnius, Krakow, Prague, Kyiv, Helsinki, Athens, and Munich SaaS communities will run a multi-session webinar for the whole of Europe, where you can ask key community leaders questions, learn and network with the SaaS community.

Codility CEO Natalia Panowicz chairs London's panel on the topic of the future of work, alongside Oxx General Partner, Richard Anton.

A portion of ticket proceeds will go to a charity towards the Covid-19 response.

Reserve tickets to the webinar by clicking here.


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