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Operationalising KPIs

KPIs You Should Track and How To Use Them to Effectively Manage Your Business

How do you know what’s working? Figuring out which KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) your company should track, and how you rally the entire team behind them, is central to long-term success.


In this session, Phil Edmondson-Jones untangled the key questions around KPIs and goes through:

  • What KPIs you should be tracking at different stages of your company’s growth (and why it varies depending on GTM strategy)

  • How to calculate the KPIs (and what the benchmarks are)

  • How to present KPIs internally and to investors

  • How to use KPIs to effectively manage your business.


This hands-on session aimed to provide growth stage companies with practical insights on how to take the next step toward finding sustainable unit economics.


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