Oxx backs Europe’s most promising B2B SaaS companies at the scale-up stage. We partner with strong entrepreneurial teams, turning promise into success.

Our style is to make sure the entrepreneurs we back are the stars of the show; we act as the producers, rolling up our sleeves to help out in any way we can.

The Oxx team has what every founding team needs: a strong network, specialist SaaS knowhow and, most importantly, empathy and appreciation for the journey that team is on.


We invest exclusively in European B2B SaaS companies at the scale-up stage.


We are experts in the B2B SaaS business model, and our leadership team has decades of experience investing in this space. We invest broadly across applications and infrastructure, but we're especially excited about data convergence and the refining and usage of data, the future of work, financial services infrastructure, end-user empowerment, and sustainable business.



We look for ambitious, market-defining companies.


We partner with strong, experienced entrepreneurs and teams who have the vision and ambition to establish and lead a new category at global scale.



We back companies that have already started to take off and are ready to accelerate.


We invest in companies that have proven product market fit and who can display emerging, leading indicators of business model market fit. This typically means companies with at least three years of commercial operating history, rapid MRR/ARR growth and strong metrics related to net revenue retention and customer acquisition.    



Not all software companies fit the mould. We back the under-appreciated problem-solvers.


We like the dark horses, the companies going after opportunities that may need a little digging to understand and appreciate. The success stories that few saw coming.



We have always advocated long-term sustainable growth


Venture capital often follows a ‘growth at all costs' mindset. We focus on long-term sustainable growth, and building the processes and foundations necessary to establish market defining companies. In today’s climate, this makes us contrarians. We’re seeking our founder counterparts, who have the vision and determination to build enduring companies.

What do we look for?